Pete's Thermal Jeans is owned by Peter Roskam and here's why he is so keen on Petes Thermal Jeans...

"I'm a dairy farmer and was sold on the thermal jeans the moment I saw them in the early stages. As I knew that about 80% of people feel the cold, I was keen on the idea that when the weather becomes colder that this type of thermal jean would keep people warm.


If I was going to market these jeans properly, I knew I had to wear them myself. I have never been one to feel the cold (or so I thought) so thought I would find them quite warm. I am always the last in our family to change into winter clothing but decided to start wearing them from the next morning. It was nearly the end of March and although the mornings were starting to get cooler, the days were still nice and sunny. I really thought that I would be cooking, however I soon found that all I needed to do was take some clothing of the top half of my body and I was very comfortable.

I also noticed that after wearing my thermal jeans for two days I no longer had the usual aches in my thighs. I used to ache all day and found it extremely hard to get to sleep at night as a result of an injury I suffered in 1995. I had been crushed against a steel railing by a blind steer and was injured so badly that the only way I could move to get help was to edge backwards while lying on my back. Once a month I would go to Hamilton for physiotherapy and they would use suction cups to try to reduce the hematoma from the bone to try to relive some of the pain.

After wearing the thermal jeans for two days and no longer being in pain, I realised that although I might not be consciously aware of feeling cold, it was obvious that on a subconscious level, that my bones did. Petes Thermal Jeans increase the blood flow by about three times the normal, and the added warmth allows the blood to flow through the areas that are damaged. The combination of warmth and blood flow, took away my pain and I felt great.

Now we had to get the right inner linings so that all three linings would shrink at the same rate at the same time. Once we had achieved this we knew we had a great product that was ready for the consumer.

One night in July 2007 we had an extremely bad storm, in which the roof was starting to blow off my garage. My sons and I climbed onto the roof and put concrete poles on the iron to hold it down. It was raining hard and the wind was so strong that it would rip the car door off when you opened it. After being up on the roof for over an hour I was extremely surprised to find that although I was soaking wet on the outside, when I took my Thermal Jeans off, I was as dry as a bone on the inside. I also then realised that I wasn't at all cold either.

So now I wear them all winter and in the spring evenings. Many people often comment to me that my hands are nice and warm and wonder why I am always wearing short sleeve shirts in the winter. I seldom ever where a jersey. I tell people that normally we would lose half our body heat as the blood is pumped goes down to your toes and back up again cooling off on the way down and again on the way back. By wearing my Thermal Jeans the body heat is not lost and knees and hips have good blood circulation and last a lot longer."

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Hercules Brand - Marketed in NZ by Petes Jeans.

After 11 trips to Antarctica, Bob Pinker, of Paeroa New Zealand, decided to design a pair of insulated jeans that "would keep you warm without making you sweat". Bob noted that layering clothes on top of each other caused sweating, which created a serious problem in freezing weather, since sweat turns to ice, which then causes frostbite.

Bob decided that one day he would create clothing that was already insulated, specifically designed for cold temperatures. And the result was Pete's Thermal Jeans.

Pete's Thermal Jeans are made using nano technology within the garment to create a unique microclimate between the body and the jeans. Body mapping technology reads the body's temperature and moisture zones allowing hot and cold areas to be reacted to independently to optimise comfort.

This is achieved with Pete's Thermal Jeans unique 3-layer construction

The Outer layer is top quality denim.

The second layer is a special lining designed to keep the cold out and the warmth in and also give the wearer ultra comfort.

The third layer creates more warmth when it's colder and when the wearer becomes too warm it helps take away the excess moisture from the body.

So you stay comfortable and dry all the time.

The result is Pete's Thermal Jeans.

Peter Roskam

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