Frequently Asked Questions

Are Thermal Jeans good for skiing in?

Thermal Jeans are great for skiing in and you can wear these Thermal Jeans as casual wear as well as ski clothing.

Are Thermal Jeans suitable for the likes of Hunting, Shooting & Fishing?

Yes Thermal Jeans will keep you warm and dry on the inside at all times.

Can the Thermal Jeans go in the Dryer?

Yes, they can, no problem at all.

Do you have a guarantee on your Thermal jeans?

If you are not satisfied with the fit,or warmth of the jeans we will refund you the full purchase price provided the jeans are returned within 10 working days in the same condition you received them, Also if any of the jeans are found to have manufacturing faults or are the wrong size, we will replace them free of charge provided the faulty/wrong size is returned to us in the same condition you received them.

How do I measure my jeans?

Take a look at our measurements page with full videos on how to measure your jeans.

How do Thermal Jeans stand up in wet weather and will you still be warm?

You will not only feel warm inside but also stay dry on the inside when using our great Thermal Jeans.

How easy are the Thermal Jeans to wash?

Just turn then inside out and put them in your normal wash, after the washing is done and when you put them on the line turn them right side out again as denim takes a long time to dry.

I hunt and fish a lot in the back country - would these Thermal Jeans snag on the tree roots?

The high quality of the denim material the Thermal Jeans are made from make these jeans really hard wearing and ideal for the use in the back country of New Zealand. We test them ourselves every duck shooting season.

What is the difference between Thermal Jeans and normal thermal pants?

As soon as you put our Thermal Jeans on you start to become instantly warm and stay warm without excessive sweating. This is due to one of the two special linings fitted in our Thermal Jeans.

What sort of people would benefit from these Thermal Jeans?

Every one! From the top of the north island to the bottom of the south, for the stay at home people and those who work outdoors. They are not only comfortable and warm, but versatile. I put mine on as soon as i step out of bed in the morning, they are a great energy saver, i wear mine everywhere, such as driving all day, working out doors and in cool warehouses,watching the kids play sport, going out in the evening, i wear them right up till bed. They are the best thing any one can wear who has a health problem such as arthritis, poor circulation ,aching joints and so on, you will love them.