I first saw Pete’s Thermal Jeans on TV. I bought a pair and really liked them. They are great for skiing and working outside. With Pete’s Thermal Jeans you stay warm.

Chris C Trayonor

With my Pete’s Thermal Jeans I never felt cold all winter-even when helping farm in Southland during the snow. These thermal jeans are really beneficial to the elderly as well.

Neil Cunningham

I have been recommending Pete's Thermal Jeans to everyone in the skydiving industry as they are good value for money and keep you toasty warm. I wear mine all winter and also when working outside.

Steve Callaghan

Pete’s Thermal Jeans are great for skiing. I’ve had them for 12 months and they still look like new.

Philip Bryant

I wear Pete’s Thermal Jeans inside an older home in autumn, winter and spring without the heater on. I wear them on the building site in all weather conditions and I stay dry even when the weather is not. I do snow skiing in Pete’s Thermal Jeans and I’m warm and dry. I go Microlighting in the calm of winter in my thermal jeans and they are so comfortable to relax in at the end of a hard day. These jeans improve the weather as I am no longer cold. Thanks to Pete’s Jeans I no longer have cold winters now and that’s fantastic.

George Nicol

Fantastic, my limbs do not ache anymore from the cold. I start at the Airport 0500 and then the temp is below zero, my lower body is so warm from the inside out, I just don't get cold. I highly recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans with High Viz when it is required for your occupation, less garments to wear.

Chris Lankshear

“I wear Pete’s thermal jeans in cold weather. I have the enjoyment of feeling warm and it improves my stiffness. I now have a greater quality of life and more movement.”

Joe Cole

“On cold days Pete’s thermal jeans helps warm my body. I had cold feet and legs and Pete’s thermal jeans have helped warm my body.”

Geoff Shepherdson

“Pete’s thermal jeans look much better than track pants and they are far warmer and a lot warmer too. I now feel really cosy walking to work on these cold mornings. I don’t like the cold weather, but I now feel much better in my thermal jeans and I why I recommend them.”

Shiv Wati Willikison

“I wear Pete’s thermal jeans whenever the days are cold and windy and I’m always warm and cosy.”

Gordon Bell

“With Pete’s thermal jeans my legs are no longer cold and I’m so toasty warm.”

Daphne Steadman

“I have Arthritis and knee joint injuries and Pete’s thermal jeans give me relief in the winter months. I can now move more freely. I recommend Pete’s thermal jeans because they have greatly improved my quality of life, I feel fantastic and I now love any type of weather because I am so cosy. Pete’s thermal jeans are well made, the wash and dry no problem. You are onto a real winner for us oldies.”

Brian Barber

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